George M. Rosenberg, Esq.

"I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for all of your spectacular work in helping us resolve my client’s case. Her case was very difficult on many levels and I appreciate your hard work"

​"Mediating with Mr. George Rosenberg is always a pleasure. He is smart, professional and experienced."

“George has mediated more than 100 cases for me over the last 10 years. I believe that he has successfully settled all but two cases. That is an amazing feat and a true tribute to his patience, dedication and skill in resolving some very difficult cases. He does a great job and deserve kudos for his success in bringing final resolution to parties.”

“Mr. Rosenberg brings the background and experience to ADR that both sides can appreciate. As a top tier trial lawyer, he can tell plaintiff’s counsel the downside and defense counsel where plaintiff will strike. He brings authenticity clients cannot ignore. I have been party to multiple ADR sessions with him over the past several years and his success rate is well over 75%. Often cases that don’t settle initially do so within 30 to 90 days after his recommendations have had a chance to bear fruit. He is engaging and personable as well—a combination that’s hard to beat.”

“I’ve know George Rosenberg for a long time; first as an attorney, and more recently as a mediator. He had a very successful career as a litigator and successfully tried many cases. As a mediator, he brings his vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to the table. He’s able to quickly understand the issues at play and doesn’t waste any time getting to work on pushing both sides. It’s no secret that I’m a fan and propose him on every case. I have even used him as a mediator on a pre-litigation matter. He will go over and beyond each and every time and you won’t be disappointed if you use him.”

“Despite the fact that we were scheduled for a very short mediation under the court’s program, George stuck with us until 12:15 this morning (almost 14 hours) and was able to settle the case. It was very hard going (we assume) with the defendant and his lawyer but George stuck with it. He also proposed some excellent ways around opposition (by opposing counsel) to wording in the ADR Services stipulation. Also very impressive was the fact that George read our brief and really understood the case. We felt comfortable listening to his analysis and considering his recommendations. He had the right grasp on the likelihood of our success on the merits and did not pressure my clients to lower their ultimate expectations. He also kept his sense of humor throughout. I will be recommending George to my many California colleagues.”

“George is a pro and I won’t hesitate to recommend him on all my cases”

“George understands the economics of the attorney taking the case to trial. But he also understands the economics of how you can win the battle and lose the war, and he brings that perspective very well to both sides.”

“I have had 2 mediations with George Rosenberg and he is excellent as he brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience from his career as a very effective trial lawyer. I highly recommend Mr. Rosenberg!”

“Very effective mediator to get the job done. Will recommend to others.”


Mediator • Arbitrator